May 3, 2018

W7500P Chatbot?

I am working on Serial to Ethernet (S2E), StablE contest from It uses WIZnet’s new serial to Ethernet module WIZ750SR based on W7500P Ethernet MCU.

W7500P SoC is an one-chip solution which integrates an ARM Cortex-M0 core. This chip runs at 48 MHz maximum frequency with 16 KB SRAM and 128 KB flash. When I submit my idea to build a slack chatbot on it, I really doubt if this is going to work. The biggest problem could be the RAM (16 KB) but I also need to worry about stuffs like SSL and WebSocket.

It is pretty straightforward to set up a KEIL development environment and clone the source from WIZnet GitHub repository. One thing I do need is to install MDK v4 Legacy Support. There are some warnings about unused variables and uint8_t to char pointer casting. Other than those, the project build is very smooth. I have not received the device yet so I can not verify the generated binary. KEIL IDE requires a Windows environment which I do not always have. I guess the first thing is to figure out GNU ARM Embedded Toolchain on my Ubuntu box so that I can get rid of the Windows VM.

(Images from WIZwiki / CC BY-SA 4.0)

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