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Connect ESP32 to Azure Iot Hub using MicroPython

This post documents necessary steps to connect an ESP32-DevKitC kit to Azure Iot Hub using MicroPython and the MQTT protocol. I am going to use the latest firmware released from MicroPython downloads. Dependencies This project requires the following MicroPython dependencies: MicroPython’s asynchronous scheduling library micropython-uasyncio. A simple MQTT client for MicroPython micropython-umqtt.simple. CPython urllib.parse module ported to MicroPython micropython-urllib.parse. CPython hmac module ported to MicroPython micropython-hmac. It is very simple to download and install dependencies through MicroPython’s upip package manager.

MicroPython on ESP8266

I got a cheap Espressif ESP8266 development board recently and reworked some of my previous Arduino projects. Comparing to Arduino Mega ATmega1280 that runs at 16 MHz + 8 KB of SRAM, ESP8266 is more powerful and feature rich. It integrates a 32-bit Tensilica MCU reaching a maximum clock speed of 160 MHz and a built-in Wi-Fi stack. The dev kit ships with an eLua based NodeMcu firmware so I have to refresh a MicroPython firmware.