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Build Your Own Dynamic DNS Service on AWS

I have been using free services for at least one decade. Recently, I am so tired of clicking the domain verification Email each month. I start looking for alternatives. Dynu looks promising but unfortunately, this service is blocked for unknown reasons in certain areas. I spent several days Googling and trying different methods including existing online or build your own services. Most of them are either too complex or a little bit too expensive.

Powered by Hugo

After 1.5+ year, I finally got some motivations to rebuild my personal website using Hugo and a cleaner hugo-future-imperfect theme. Hugo is fast and modern as it is advertised and is suitable for more than blogs. I am happier with it than Jekyll, which powers my previous blogger, partially because I don’t need to install an additional Ruby run-time. Amazon AWS is also improving. The new S3 console is easier to use with more features.

It Works!

If you see this page, Amazon Web Services are successfully configured and working. No further configuration is required. For online documentation and support please refer to Route 53, S3, and CloudFront. Also, refer to Hosting a Static Website on Amazon Web Services and Jekyll. Thank you for visiting