After 1.5+ year, I finally got some motivations to rebuild my personal website using Hugo and a cleaner hugo-future-imperfect theme. Hugo is fast and modern as it is advertised and is suitable for more than blogs. I am happier with it than Jekyll, which powers my previous blogger, partially because I don’t need to install an additional Ruby run-time.

Amazon AWS is also improving. The new S3 console is easier to use with more features. SES supports inbound email around 2 years ago. It is possible to use an aws-lambda-ses-forwarder to redirect incoming messages to my domain to a real email address. CloudFront is noticeable slower to distribute S3 contents though so I have to invalidate multiple web distribution objects several times.

My initial plan was to migrate the new blogger to GitHub Pages, which may save some S3 bandwidth and get better version controls. However, I can’t because HTTPS is not supported using custom domains. Maybe I can dump other craps to in the future.

I have been really busy working on hardware video encoding/decoding and video surveillance analytics in the past 2 years. Everything seems to be working again now, which is … good.